You can reach people in their cars, at work or at home!

This is the most intimate form of advertising you can have with your consumer. They’re tuned in to the radio with a listening mindset and are receptive to suggestions during this time. Most listeners develop bonds with particular radio stations. They could admire an on-air personality and program or simply enjoy the music that station plays. Either way the consumer is usually in a positive mindset as they are being entertained. People listening to the radio are usually alone either driving, working out or in an office setting. This frees them from most of the distractions of alternative advertising methods. Radio is also more cost effective when compared to other options. Radio advertising can also cover more than just an individual. Many stores, venues and commercial job sites utilize radio as a form of entertainment for masses. This is functional advertising because it requires nothing from the audience but to listen. Other methods of advertising require the person to have internet access, locate their glasses to read, acquire a magazine, know how to read or even be in front of a TV at a set time and place.

  • Intimate advertising
  • Cost effective
  • Functional advertising


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