Digital Advertising

In 2017 Digital Ad Spends surpassed TV, and continue to rise

Digital advertising is marketing media displayed digitally. Digital technology is comprised of the internet, handheld smart devices (like phones or tablets) and website channels like YouTube. Electronic billboards are also categorized in digital advertising. These are the non-traditional types of billboards that you can see on cars (like the back of a taxi) and under logo signs for fast food chains. You can also see standard billboard size, equivalent to the bulletin billboards you see along the highway. Digital billboards are fantastic communicators for businesses because they can convey your message and allow that communication to be ever-changing. For example, a restaurant can display breakfast specials during the breakfast time period and then change the digital message as time changes. This allows them to display messages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another benefit to electronic billboards are the digital capabilities allow for rotating advertisements. This is a plus for businesses who want to share the cost of advertising with other businesses. This can make digital electronic billboard advertising more cost effective and allow companies to purchase more space with the savings from sharing.


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