Mobile App Ads

Mobile advertising’s biggest benefit is that people usually have their cell phone with them 24/7. This means advertisers have a greater opportunity to reach their target audience. One of the biggest advantages of banner ads is building brand recognition. People will knowingly or inadvertently glance at your ad, either way they’ve seen it and now become familiar with your product or service. Mobile marketing also allows you to incorporate “rich media.” Rich media consists of more advanced and innovative features like: video, audio, interactive and engaging content. Rich media gets the audience more involved with your ad.

Advertise on Cell Phone Apps

A geo-fence is a virtual radius placed around realworld geographic areas, such as malls, schools, zip codes, neighbor-hoods, which enables advertisers to deliver mobile banner ads to people within a desig-nated area.

Banner ads are placed on mobile phone apps, such as Pandora Music, Trip Advisor, CNN Money and 100,000 others. The targeted recipient of the ad has the opportunity to click the banner ad and either be directed to your website or a landing page.

The landing page offers Call-To-Actions (Click to call, click for driving directions, click to visit the website, watch a video, etc.).


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