Who we are

Bray Media 360 provides full circle advertising and handles each aspect of the campaign from inception, to execution of the concept. We have the latest in innovative advertising technology and access to multiple sources that range from traditional to high-tech. This allows our clients to expand their reach and broaden their footprint.

Bray Media 360 offers a targeted approach to advertising which pinpoints the media best suited for your company or brand. We allow our clients to explore all possible avenues available. This ensures you’re reaching people where they’re at and stay in front of the curve. Bray Media 360 is where advertising comes full circle. We are setting the standard for a new age of multimedia advertising.

Our mission is simple, excellence. Our clients are our priority, this means YOU come first. We believe in personalized service. Bray Media 360 is owner operated and that means each client account is given specialized attention. Direct access, flexible availability and 100% attention to detail is our promise to you.

We work with a wide array of account types from small businesses, all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to maximize your impact and make your advertising investment work for you.

“Better to create a big splash in a small pond, than a small ripple in a big ocean.” – Cory Bray

What is traditional? This is your big 3 (TV, radio and print) and they are the foundation of advertising. The print category can be expanded into: direct mail and billboards. These platforms are the cornerstone from which all campaigns are built. These are the proven methods of advertising.
The basic fundamentals and principles of advertising have remained the same, even though there are new mediums available. We love to recommend mixed media packages for some of our clients. This combines your traditional methods with your more advanced high-tech outlets, giving you a broader reach and more diverse spectrum.
When you delve into high-tech advertising platforms, you begin tapping into social media, YouTube, online ads and pop-up mobile or banner ads. High-tech can also be merged with a traditional platform of advertising as seen in things like digital billboards. Digital billboards are examples of when cutting edge meets effective traditional and gives birth to something innovative in the media world.