Billboard advertising is one of the most popular and long standing methods in outdoor advertising there is. Although it is a more traditional way to advertise, it has proven success. Unlike other methods, you can’t turn off a billboard. When people pass by a billboard they see it, even if it’s only in their subconscious. Statistics show people normally travel the same route. So, your if you’re advertising on a billboard, chances are you will repeatedly hit your target audience. This makes your advertising stick in their mind.


Billboards are on 24/7 unlike radio or TV, billboards are up and visible no matter what. This means one of the biggest benefits to billboard advertising is: people see it and it’s always working for you. You also expand your target audience because a multitude of ages, cultures and demographics will inevitably pass by your billboard. This gives you diversified advertising. However, you can make a big impact and be very strategic when it comes to advertise placement with billboards. Choosing the right location is key to the overall success of your billboard advertising.


Billboards have come a long way. More high-tech advancements have been designed through digital billboards. They have combined the same proven concept of the traditional billboard but have been given a digitized facelift with technology. This makes them more appealing to the masses and also makes for a more elaborate and professional advertisement campaign.

Picture this… A modest budget movie was made about 3 billboards. It was called, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” It was a centered around 3 abandoned billboards that a grieving mother used to communicate her frustration about the lack of progress in her teenage daughter’s rape and murder. She sent a message directly to the police about how she felt. This movie has already won several Golden Globes and is now in Oscar contention. Think about how if 3 run down billboards made a huge impact in a small town, how well a strategic advertisement will do in the big city.