Projection Media

Production media can be done indoor or outdoor and requires very little in terms of assembly. For this type of advertising to be successful you will need to utilize it where you can reach a large congregation of people and have a clear structure for projecting. Projections give the advertiser a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creativity, how and when. Your projections can be as simple as a static image or more complex like a fully interactive experience for your audience that incorporates real time or the use of green screen technology. Projections are illuminating and usually stop people in their tracks because it grabs their attention instantly.

You can also advertise in random and unusual places where traditional methods won’t reach. Projections work best at night and typically are used for a specific target audience. It is easy to change and customize your projections as your target audience changes. The biggest appeal to projection advertising is the element of surprise and convenience of mobility. Another benefit is the extremely effective impact projections have on hitting their target audience. You can also combine projections with social media events and make long-lasting impacts on your brand. Some people categorize this as guerilla advertising because of its unconventional methodology.


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