Bray Media 360 was founded by California native, Cory Bray. Cory is the youngest of 5 siblings and comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His grandparents and parents were successful entrepreneurs, each created their own business from the ground up. Cory grew up in the Yorba Linda area, otherwise known as the “Land of Gracious Living” to Californians. It was there he watched his parents work hard to build something from nothing and developed his strong work ethic. Cory lives by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This has shaped his solid dedication to his clients and their needs. Each account is valued no matter the size (large or humble) and he is committed to providing the best possible service to every single client.

Cory has lived in Southern California most of his life and is a SoCal native. He has been in the billboard industry about 11 years, getting his start back in 2007 with Bray Outdoor Ads. Bray Outdoor has faithfully served all of Southern California and was a launching pad for what would grow into Bray Media 360. Cory’s goal was to take the traditional methods of OOH (out-of-home media) and combine it with more advanced technologies, thus revolutionizing advertising by utilizing multiple methods. While his expertise is in outdoor advertising, he has grown right along with the industry to master new digital technologies and is certified in Google/Bing Adwords. Bray Media 360 was conceived due to market demands, technology advancement and Cory’s desire to produce the most well-rounded marketing campaign possible for his clients.

The name 360 sums of his vision of “full-circle advertising” that combines traditional advertising with advanced methods, to make a final product that checks all the boxes on a client’s list. It also allows him to offer multiple channels of advertising and reach the masses where they’re at. I love helping you win”

Letter from the Founder:

Bray Media 360 is an energetic company on the rise and has had a successful burst of growth over the past few years. Our growth is your gain and we want to help you experience the same increase we have. We are your partners in media and want to be your Ambassadors of Advertising. Bray Media 360 is helping change the advertising game by marrying traditional media and modern day methods.

My goal is to assist each client to grow their market share, enlarge their online footprint and increase sales and/or enrollment. I am passionate about what I do, and passionate about helping others. My reward is hearing success stories from my clients and knowing I lent a hand towards achieving their business goals. Getting you the results you desire is my number #1 priority.

I am excited about our recent expansion into the Dallas Texas Metro area and can’t wait to build and share that next layer of success with you too.

The best thing about my job is being able to see how the power of media influences the world we live in. Advertising and media shapes the market and molds the masses. It is an ever-evolving industry and I love being able to keep my finger on the pulse of the market. I want to work directly with you and have personalized client interaction, so no middle man.

I make myself as accessible as possible to help meet your expectations and reach your goals. Bray Media 360 is a trustworthy, full-circle advertising agency on the rise and we want to take you there too. I look forward to seeing what we can create together, and I just want you to know you’re in capable hands.

Cory Bray

Owner, CEO